Mobiland Group of Companies is a progressive business solution. The legacy is built upon a shared culture to determine the highest standards in every facet of our   business. This approach commits all relationships to our management philosophy of contributing to the development of society through technology. We work alongside customers, stakeholders and our capable employees to deliver outcomes that positively affect inhabitants. It enhances our relationship to greater outcomes, and also makes good commercial sense. At our core, we  value all our visions  to promote investment opportunities through expert financial engineering. Mobiland  Group.

“Dignifying vision for values”.



The Mobiland Group is among  growing private  business houses , founded by Mr. Dinesh Darshandhari along with his  team.The Mobiland Group positively influences for better life and a prosperous future , headquartered in Kirtipur,Kathmandu,Nepal with its wings in all over the Nepal and abroad as well.Today Mobiland group has over 113 companies under its stream  Anchored by a strong workforce of more than 1000 employees and years of trust from millions of loyal clients . Mobiland group forms an intrinsic part of every realm of life. Our values, customers, partners, and employees are the core foundation for this business group who brought us where we are today.


Before we established as a business group, we have been working as  individual companies in various sector  such as electronics, automobile, agriculture, real estate, construction, prospect management, hospitality and more. Mobiland Group sees teamwork on every project as the key success ingredient and is responsible for creating this environment. In overall we are committed for ensuring effective communication to all stakeholders at all levels. Teams are built by combining the strengths of the individual members and refining skills to meet and exceed the Client’s expectations.