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When I established one of the first Mobile Showroom in Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal 15 years ago, I believed that Electronics was the future. That is why I decided to build a strong Electronic Chain Showroom company. I knew very well that such companies were successful in other segments. During the first several years of our activity we focused on intensive development Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal which was marked by DMC’s in 2012 – that was a turning point for the company. It helped us to raise capital for further development and expansion broadly. This is how the project of building the Mobiland Group began – our aim was to establish a good entrepreneur throughout the companies, which would be an alternative to large Business houses. The Group’s companies do not only share similar business objectives, but also a vision, values and partnership relations. We focus on freedom of action, entrepreneurship and excellent knowledge of local markets. We take a responsible approach to business – we pay taxes at our revenue-generating locations and support local communities. I am convinced that such a business model allows for long-term, stable development in the modern world.

Today, Mobiland is not only the Electronic company in Kirtipur, but also a National player which is present in 3 Sates of Nepal. We have been developing both organically and through acquisitions – since 2018, We have been constantly strengthening our competencies and looking for innovative solution in Agroforestry only in 2018. As a result, we are a stable company which has been creating value for its shareholders for years. In 2022, the sales revenues of the Mobiland Group reached 5 billion, out of which 70% were generated from Agroforestry. The growing share of companies from outside Kathmandu in the Group’s total revenues and cross-sector diversification confirms the effectiveness of our development strategy. As a leader I have been lucky to have met the right people while building our Group. I am thinking of a team of hardworking people who believe in the sense of what we do and have taken up many challenges which seemed unfeasible at first. However, we would not be the leader in Agroforestry in Nepal and the leading Companies in Nepal without the trust of our customers and business partners.



15 Years Ago

First Mobile Showroom

2012 AD

Marked by DMC’s

2018 AD

Present in 3 Sates of Nepal. Strengthening our competencies and looking for innovative solution in Agroforestry

2022 AD

Sales revenues of the Mobiland Group reached 5 billion

About Us

Mobiland Group of Companies is a progressive business solution. The legacy is built upon a shared culture to determine the highest standards in every facet of our business. This approach commits all relationships to our management philosophy of contributing to the development of society through technology. We work alongside customers, stakeholders and our capable employees to deliver outcomes that positively affect inhabitants. It enhances our relationship to greater outcomes, and also makes good commercial sense. At our core, we value all our visions to promote investment opportunities through expert financial engineering

Enhances our relationship to greater outcomes, and also makes good commercial sense.